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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance in White Bear Lake, MNRenters insurance not only covers your personal property, like clothes, electronics, and furniture, but also provides liability coverage in case you’re at fault for damages to another party. We compare quotes from up to 25 insurance companies to help you find great coverage and rates. Contact us or request insurance quotes to get started.

Renters Insurance Coverage Available

Personal Property Coverage

Covers furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes, and other property you own within your home.

Personal Liability Coverage

Covers bodily injury or property damage that you cause to another.

Medical Payments Coverage

Covers minor medical bills for guests that are injured on your property.

Loss of Use Coverage

Covers the cost of alternative living arrangements if your home is unlivable due to a covered loss.

Valuable Items Coverage (Jewelry, etc.)

Covers collectible and valuable items that have a limit of coverage on a standard policy.

Personal Injury Coverage

Covers damages you cause to another from slander or libel.

In-Home Business Coverage

Covers liability arising out of operating a business from your home.

Water Backup Coverage

Covers water damage that results from a backed up sewer or drain.

And more

There are many optional coverage types that may be a good fit for you.

Renters Insurance Discounts

Paid in Full Discount

Auto Pay Discount

Multi Policy Discount

Paperless Discount

Gated Community Discount

Education Discounts

Occupation Discounts

And more

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